Son Steve and his partner John came over for a few days to attend a wedding and chill for a bit. They arrived at about 2:00 this morning. I usually sleep through the night without too much trouble, but last night for some reason, I woke up and lay there for a while with my eyes wide open. Then I heard the dog bark and saw the lights from their car coming down our road.

We both got up and had a very nice time for about an hour. I got to thinking about how hospitality for visitors has changed over the years. I asked were they hungry? thirsty? need help carrying things in from the car? …all the usual things. After we’d talked for a while, John got out his laptop and Steve his iPad and sat on the couch in silence for a bit. Then Steve said, “Adventurous Panda?”

That happens to be the name of the wireless network in our home. I told him yes, and to use AdventurousPanda-Guest, and then told them both what the password was. So modern visitors get a beverage, snack, a place on the couch, and a slice of your internet bandwidth, as is right and proper.

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  2. Debi Cook (Soldan) says:

    Hi Ted. Love the blog. Max (Bobby) and I did some homesteading around the Gladwin area for a time and loved the feeling of independence it provided. Lately, I have been very interested in returning to this lifestyle. Too many chemicals and negative energy in everything you buy these days.

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