Name Change

After a lot of soul searching, I decided to change the name of this blog. It used to have the words, “Country Living” in place of what now reads “Rural Life.” The germ of the idea to change the name came on a shopping trip in the recent past, when I happened to notice a copy of “Country Living” on the magazine rack. I’d seen this magazine before, but hadn’t considered that the content of the magazine might influence what people might expect to read in my blog. My recollection of “Country Living” magazine articles involved pictures of an array of antique salt shakers on a battered pine table, with a caption explaining the place and date of origin of the shakers, and how the owner found the set completing one at a garage sale for a quarter! This type of journalism is fine for some folks, but it doesn’t begin to describe the stories I’m trying to tell.

Rural Life, on the other hand, invokes a more realistic picture of folks that are learning by doing, making mistakes, getting dirty, taking pleasure in making a weld that sticks after the previous three have failed. Folks that sit down to a supper that includes a salad consisting mostly of food grown in the garden, and tasting the difference. Of folks that walk into the house from a mile after-supper walk and burst into a grin because of the smell of fresh bread that smacks you right in the face.

I hope you enjoy the stories, and that you’ll drop us a line now and then.

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