Cheep Cheep

“Cheep cheep,” said the little birdie. I worked on replacing the faucet set for the outside shower on the motorhome the other day. The old one worked fine until it was turned on, and then it leaked. So I went online and bought a replacement one for around $10. “A bargain,” I thought to myself. The old one was set up kind of stupid too. The nipple for the shower attachment pointed straight up between the faucets, meaning that the flexible shower hose developed a kink from sitting bent over in a cramped space all the time.

So, instead of installing the new faucet set and leaving well enough alone, I bought a brass street elbow, and screwed that onto the shower nipple. I gave it what my intuition said was enough tightening to insure no leaks. I heard a slight click from inside the faucet set, and when I turned it back on, it leaked the same way the old one had. “Cheap cheap!”

Right then and there, I decided to replace this system with something more substantial, and repairable to boot. I spent some interesting time in the plumbing section of the hardware, and came home with about $45 worth of parts. As things stand right now, the replacement faucet is partially assembled. When fully assembled, it will allow the shower hose to exit in the correct orientation, and I’ll be able to tighten it without fear of breaking. This one is not cheap cheap.

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