Coming Along

We wimped out of the Estivant Pines today. We got up early and did chores, during which it rained steadily. We need the rain, but it makes for tough going in the pines. We checked the weather and it looked similar in Copper Harbor, so we decided to postpone until tomorrow.

rack.jpgI worked on and off all day on the trailer load of firewood parked near the woodshed. I carry the littler ones to my funky old sawbuck. When it gets full, I saw them up to length and stack them. Everything that goes on the rack is too small to split. While I was stacking I had a disagreement with some bees or hornets, so I reluctantly broke out the wasp spray. It seemed to do the trick and allowed me to continue stacking.

split.jpgThe logs too big for the rack get rolled to the back of the trailer and sawed there. I then split them using a splitting sledgehammer and a small 2# sledge to drive the splitting end in if needed. I have the splitting pretty much down to a science. The goal is the maximum split for the minimum effort, because there is so much to do. I consider the split a failure if the bolt flies apart, because I used more energy than necessary. Over the years I’ve learned to look the bolt over and apply just the right amount of swing to make it split. At least that is the theory.

franco.jpgBefore supper we did our usual dock-sit. The weather was just about perfect. The pond was just like glass when we got there, and soon a bit of wind kicked up making it very nice. Franco was pretty concerned about his stick, and the chasing thereof. He is learning to launch himself into the air off the dock when Alice throws his stick in. I tried to catch him in the air with the camera, and this is the best I was able to do. We’re trying to teach him how to shake the water off his fur on command, but he frequently cools us off with a shake-bomb.

Tomorrow we plan to head up to the pines. Among our chores will be the repair of one of the trail signs that was vandalized. As my friend said that emailed me about the incident, “I hope the moron who did it felt better after!”

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