Play Doh(tm)

I’ve written before about my one good habit… that of starting most of my days with exercises; 35 or so pushups, and 200 sit-ups. For the story of how I settled on 200 situps, click HERE. One thing I’ve found is that when I travel, I often don’t have the luggage capacity to carry along the exercise mat I use. I try to use pillows to soften the impact, but I almost always wind up with a sore tailbone that takes some time to heal.

On a recent trip to my parent’s place, I had this difficulty. I tell myself maybe I’ll have toughened up enough to weather it this time, but no such luck. However, this time, after mangling my tail bone again, I was inspired to Google this phenomenon, reasoning correctly that if I was having troubles, others will have too, and perhaps a clever solution was out there. So I typed in, “sore butt sit-ups” and started working through the responses. It turns out I am not alone. One of the first responses suggested that sit-ups weren’t a very good exercise in the first place, and gave a long list of other possibilities. Thanks but no thanks. I soon scrolled down to a female that described the same problem I had, but had an unorthodox solution. The problem, she said, was the friction generated between the tailbone and whatever it was rubbing against every rep.

“I put a small amount of Play-Doh(tm) in a Ziplock(tm) bag, and put this between my butt and the floor, and voila, no more butt sores.” Next shopping trip, I found the perfect container. It came in a ready-made Ziplock(tm) bag. I have to admit I felt a little silly the first time I stuck this bag inside my pants at the start of my sit-ups. My tailbone said, “Ahhh!” I brought this bag along to Marquette for the EMS conference I attend a couple of weeks ago. I stayed in the motorhome, and used it on the bare carpet with nary a scratch.

So if you have similar sit-up issues, I heartily recommend the Play-Doh(tm) solution. Hint: remove the Shape Cutter first.

***Editor’s note*** After using this method under sit-up conditions for several days, the ziplock failed on the original container. I resealed it, but the next day it failed again. It seems that Play Doh(tm) fouls the ziplock joint when it gets in there. I transferred the clay into another ziplock bag, but that soon failed too. I wound up settling on a somewhat more expensive solution… a backpacker inflatable stadium seat. It folds up to practically nothing, which is good for travelling, but worked well for me several days in a row.

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