A Bath

The woodpile is coming along. Today was the day to bring the dozer and Scout/trailer back out into the woods to get another load. I plugged in the dozer, and while waiting for it to warm up enough to start, I planned to drive the Scout out to the woodlot and walk back for the dozer. The battery on the Scout was dead for some reason, so I dragged out the charger, hooked it up, and worked on inside chores for a while.

Once the Scout was charged it started like a champ and Franco and I headed out there. We walked back and started the dozer, drove it out, and loaded a batch of logs on the forks. I had just dumped the logs onto the trailer and was heading back for another load when I got my bath. The right hose on the bucket cylinder broke. When I noticed it, I have to say it was a fairly cheerful looking fountain of hydraulic fluid shooting into the air. I actually got only a few drops on my person, which is contrary to my other experiences with such things.

When I bought the replacement dozer some years ago for parts, it came with some extra hoses. I was lucky enough to find one that was just the right size. I had to make some trips back and forth to my workshop before I got everything hooked up to my satisfaction. Unfortunately on my last trip back to the woods, I forgot the big wrenches I’d been using. I had a couple of wrenches in the pickup that allowed me to connect the new hose. After replacing the hydraulic fluid I’d lost, I tightened the coupling end the best I could with the small wrenches, but when I started the dozer and worked the bucket, a small ooze of hydraulic fluid seeped from the joint. So we decided to drive the Scout back with a half load of logs and work on cutting them up. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully after I properly tighten the replacement hose, I can haul a full trailer load. Prepare to celebrate with me when this year’s firewood project is over.

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